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Wings of my youth

Author: Arcady Kuleshov

“…If only you, people, knew beforehand

The path that filled with blood and tears

You would never feel the pain and love

And would never cry … and just be human”.


The works of Belarussian National poet Arkady Kuleshov are agitated stories about people who remain invincible spiritually in a persistent fight against hostile circumstances. The example of this was the head of the national liberation movement in 1863 Kastus Kalinovsky. Kuleshov devoted the drama poem "Hamutsius" (1975) to him. The name of the work is a nickname which Kastus Kalinovsky had chosen to name himself. It emphasized the proximity to peasants whom sirs called boors.

On his ideological beliefs Kalinovsky was a revolutionary democrat. He stood for the abolishment of autocracy and landowner property. He believed that only a broad participation of peasantry can ensure the victory of an uprising.

Kalinovsky had companions and followers – new generation with a new lease on life, with persistence and belief which were stronger than death.

A romance on Arkady Kuleshov's verses "I left the childhood edge..." is playing in the performance.