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A little bit of tenderness

Author: Aldo Nicolai

As we know, love knows no age. But not everyone is ready to accept this. Sometimes there is a banal commercialism or selfishness on the way of high feelings.

Silence and tranquility in the house for elderly people were suddenly replaced by a turmoil: everyone gets ready for a costume ball and celebrity artists arrival. And then there’s another emergency which name is… love! The most real, love at first sight, trembling feeling in front of everyone as if it was for the first time! Embarrassed looks and passionate words, shy kisses and secret night dates – seventy-year-old lovers are ready to go down the aisle.

And suddenly children remember they have parents. Happiness of "young people" is as a bone in a throat for them. Neither love nor tenderness or at least respect in their relationship. Children’s selfishness and vested interests are about to destroy a fragile lovers’ union. But not so fast! Best forces of the house for elderly people headed by the amusements organizer are thrown оn its rescue! Don’t hesitate, they got it all. Because where we can find maturity, sincerity and lots and lots of tenderness, there we can find Love! And this feeling not only knows no age, but also knows no difficulties.