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Belarusian vaudevilles

Author: Daletskiye?s brothers, Mikhas Charot

Two funny cases. It’s seems that everything is alright. There could be done a lot of silly mistakes during the day, but not when it comes to the wedding.

Two hapless groom, and each has its own problem. One got lost in brides and almost got married to rich but not very young woman. He get into a mess and distract others by twisting incredible tangle of misunderstandings and comic nonsense. Who knows what would have happen if it was not for enterprise of a beautiful housemaid and an accident with old horse.

The second groom won’t have married if not for the cunning plan of his mother. Discord between Montagues and Capulet is a kids games compared with intrigues that good neighbors in our village of the last century could do. So not only the marriage, but also simple date of two lovers - Zoska and Savka - was absolutely impossible mission because of the quarrels of their parents. However, a few tricks plus the lost bast and we can see a happy end. As it should be in a vaudeville.

So, have fun. But don't lose your mind. And-... Bast shoes of course!